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This morning, first thing, Mai Gigi Hadid showed us giving everything for the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto wearing red. Gigi Hadid at 21 has become quite a supermodel, but just add to your CV a new skill he served as hostess for the gala which was changed to 5 times model.


To get in position from the outset, the top reconverted presenter parked the usual leggings, sports and crop-tops to which we are accustomed to getting on the plane that was taking her to Canada wearing a look that surprised us a lot.
Gigi Hadid that always moves through life wearing comfortably with sports clothes with chic opted however for wearing a long dress, made in a smooth and summery fabric in gray blue tones, with one of those necklines that left little to the imagination . To protect the air conditioner usually put on planes, the model is combined with an organza jacket with a large embroidered on the back. A suit that made her look like a mermaid fresh from the sea floor.

This modeluqui reminded me of a study conducted by Elizabeth Saltzman, one of the fashion stylists Hollywood’s best-known whom the airline British Airways commissioned a study on the best dressed celebrities traveling. A study to pay tribute to the current trendsetters and globe-trotting, which are part of the world of film, music and fashion.

According to Saltzman, Victoria Beckham always right and surprised when flying. Typically it uses a male element in your attire traveler, which is very chic and sophisticated, while classic and comfortable.

This ranking of the best dressed viajeras includes icons most famous female fashion world in a list of famous traveling with style and cause envy her outfit. To make this list, the jurors reviewed hundreds of images taken in airports around the world.

A glow that is not only outside, but perhaps most striking. Even more so: dazzling. And, following the advice of Queen Elizabeth to be a good princess and give the best picture of the kingdom, the Duchess of Cambridge has begun to go more often to the real chests full of treasures to crown their galas, and show off some of the attributes of royalty.

It has become a walk with tiara through the halls of Buckingham Palace during his first state banquet in honor of the President and the First Lady of China. Two years after the last time the Duchess was crowned, again he rescued the lotus flower headband probably in deference to the guest country, like her red dress Jenny Packham-, and other spectacular gems like chandelier, which also belonged to the Queen mother; the bracelet Duke of Edinburgh presented to Queen Elizabeth for her wedding and other diamond bracelet from the collection of the British sovereign.